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(522-3 MokNae-dong)
TEL. +82-31-497-0871
FAX. +82-31-497-3793

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Humanity is the ultimate business goal of SIT.

Small, but powerful company we are.
We will do our best for customer.

SIT was started in 1999 by a press mold specialist automotive parts,
we have expanded our business to electronic components manufacturing.
In addition, you become a strong partner of the overseas
corporate customers in Vietnam and China established subsidiaries.

SIT has a competitive advantage in the number of deep drawing
and transfer the know-how accumulated in the mold development
and respond to the customer's needs ahead of molds
and presses integrated system management efforts.

SQ certification and $10 million Export Award by the continued
growth of the country, including in and around realizing
the staff will continue to serve as the welfare and social enterprises.

Thanks again to everyone who sent love and support,
SIT employees will do it wholeheartedly for customer satisfaction with trusted companies.


CEO of SIT Co., Ltd. Jun, Jye-Joong